Different Kinds of Articles Based On Length

Different Kinds of Articles Based On Length

There are different kinds of articles based on different criteria. Some are categorized based on genre while others are categorized based on SEO purposes. One such categorization is the typing of articles based on length. Yes, articles can be of different kinds based on length. And if you are a website owner who publishes articles on your websites or if you are an article writer providing contents to clients, then it is very important for you to have an in depth knowledge about the different kinds of articles based on length. So better read more below to know these. Also, you should take note of a helpful tool that you can use to monitor the length of your article. Such tool is called the word counter tool.

Short Informative Articles

The first kind of article based on length is the short informative article. Such kind of article has number of words that can range from 150 to 250 words. This article can be made for topics that do not require much explanation and only a gist of information can already be satisfactory to the readers. For instance, short news articles about an event can fit into this kind of article. Also, definition or short tutorials can also be categorized as short informative articles.

Lengthy Informative or Tutorial Articles

Lengthy articles are those that have number of words ranging from 800 to 1200 words. These articles provide full explanation or informative descriptions to the readers so that they can gain an in depth understanding of the topic at hand. Such kinds of articles can be quite difficult to make especially if the writer is trying his or her best to fit a lot of information into one article. Explaining complicated terms or situations can be challenging and their impracticality may even make the work a lot tougher. Nevertheless, lengthy informative or tutorial articles can give a big advantage for websites that publish them, because more often than not, they contain all the necessary information needed by the readers who are continuously searching the internet for these very important information.

Midline Descriptive Articles

Midline descriptive articles are those that range from 450 to 550 words. These kinds of articles are the most popular ones on the internet. They are not too short to give a cliffhanger to the readers. They also are not too long to cast boredom to the reader. Their lengths are just enough to provide enough information to the readers. So a midline descriptive article can be your fallback if you are not sure whether to write a short one or a long one.

Those are the kinds of articles based on length. You should use the word counter tool to determine the word count of an article and see to which kind does it fall.


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